Any way to get P4 to run on a modern browser?

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  • Getting that P4 itch again, but unfortunately I bought a new computer with Win 10 and despite trying to fiddle with every permission in Java and every browser I can get my hands on, I'm unable to run the game. I do have an old work laptop that I haven't tried yet that I think has Capitan or Sierra. Am I out of luck until the new version?

  • I just managed to get it running on windows 10, after having that same old itch.

    What I did was to add the "play" page to my java exception url list. (and the p4 home page just in case as well)

    Then I downloaded the "IE tab" extension for google chrome. Opened p4, told the extension to open in an IE tab, and ran the game. I just had to tell java it was okay multiple times, but its running for me now.

    Good luck